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Spinoff’s West Coast Adventure NTD

Story is my new pup – born on September 24, 2016 and bred by Spinoff Enterprises.

Currently I am filming some of Story’s training sessions and they are available to view our Youtube channel.

Story earned her Novice Trick Dog title at the age of 16 weeks! She’s already a little rockstar. You can see our Novice Trick Dog title video on our Youtube channel or Facebook page.

Story competed in her first Up Dog Challenge in May and even placed in 4 Way Play! I couldn’t be more proud of this girl’s accomplishment at only 8 months old. She has also gone on to compete in K9 Toss n Fetch league in July.

We will be starting her Agility training in September and will continue to build on her Disc Dog skills. We will also be training for Rally Obedience and plan to compete in both CARO and CKC Rally Obedience throughout the next year. Story is one of those driven dogs where she loves to learn as many skills as she can and is a hard worker.


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